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so imma make this my ana diary bc i cant make one outta paper my mom will find it but no one knows anything about this cept u know yall on here
this is where i willl put hwo many calories i ate today(truthful) and how much i lost from excise(i cant get a scale mom would notice) u see my entire family is fat cept for my little sister(underweight from her high metabolism) 
being thin means i will be perfect
idk how long its been since i started but i know ive lost something i can feel my cloths getting small i am so fat
my stomch is huge! and my tighs and god my arms look like cookie dough*shudders* i cant believe my friends and family hve been lieing to me so long saying i wasnt fat
todays meal
lunch-90 carloires of raisins and water(water cant make me fatter right i ddint see any calories on the back) sister made me eat a chicken strip and a piece of honey bread...i thought id die...thta likes 750 calrious right?
dinner-going to youth group dinner breakffeast for dinner imma say i hve a stomch ace so all ill hve to do is drink water maybea  piece of fruit? skip the fruit ill be thinner faster if i skip it
my treadmill told me i worked off like 600 calorious(so sore)
ill do more crunchs and moutin climbers when i get home tonight and when i wake up and anytime between
so todays thinsperation

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