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to my family...

oh my god i hate my family sometimes! im always blamned even if immmm the one freaking bleeding with scartchs on me. so im not the freaking perfect child or the most. ordinated doe dthis make me lesser than my owm freaking younger sister?! im not beautiful or skinny but i tryyyy to be do any of yall relize ttht im hardly eating!?!?! Tht im excising everydayyy more than an hour and 30 mins and its making me dizzy???? Do yall even freaking care!??!?! Does me ....not being perfect make me so unlovable toeveryone and everything tht yall ...just...reject how alwful i am ajd than tell me im a whimp yall dont even know im datinggg a guy tht im lovee with but he lives half way across the world! Yall dont even knoowww tht ive tried to cut mysekf! Tht ive made myself puke tht i stoped beliving in god bc he gave up on me! Just like yall did!!! Ive given u every sign every chance to do soemthinnggg anythinnggg but u still break me down...yall....ethir dont know...or care....tht ive trieddd to kill myself... Multipule times..... I try tobfind love in every person i ever talk to..but theres on maybe 1 or 2 tht ... Actully ever stayed there for me....and there both...half way across the world and they r the only ppl o hve left those 2 guys every one else has hurt me pushed me like yall did... Or left .... I fall so fast.... I just watcged myself bleed.... Bc i got hit.... And u dont care.... U just worry about my sister the perfect one....
Im not perfect...
But im trying ti be....

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to my family..., posted August 25th, 2012, 3 comments

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